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SFDX-HARDIS – A demo with Nicolas Vuillamy from Cloudity

SFDX-HARDIS – A demo with Nicolas Vuillamy from Cloudity

This edition of the Keenan Vision Podcast I interview Nicolas Vuillamy, a CTO at Cloudity, who is a Salesforce system integrator and custom application developer based in Europe. We talk about his open source project sfdx-hardis.

There is a companion blog post that goes with this demo and interview. Please be sure to check it out!

Nicolas and his team got a little frustrated with the devops sprawl and other management issues when it came to working with SFDX-CLI pipelines. To make it all work better they created sfdx-hardis, which is a layer on top of SFDX-CLI which encapsulates a lot of common commands.

In this interview we go over the motivation for sfdx-hardis for a bit, then we dive into a demo of its capabilities.

Be sure to check out how sfdx-hardis works by interacting with VS Code to interactively get parameters needed to run a CI/CD pipeline.

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