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Provar Demo Top Products with Vern

Provar: Salesforce Devops Top Products Demo with Vern


This week on the Keenan Vision Podcast we delve into Provar Manager with Sam Arroyo, Provar product manager. In this tour we go through what is Provar Manager and get a demo.

  • What is Provar and Provar Manager?
  • The Provar Quality Hub
    • Enterprise hub for collating and understanding all kinds of testing inputs
  • Test Manager Demo
    • Test Plans
    • Application Lifecycle Management integration
    • Analytics and metrics
    • Salesforce DevOps Center integration
    • Elements.Cloud integration
    • Reports and Dashboards 

About Provar

Provar pairs intuitive testing solutions, including Provar Automation and Provar Manager, with world-class service to help teams capitalize on their Salesforce investment. Its comprehensive Quality Cloud suite of testing products creates a  quality hub designed to improve release agility, drive down system defects, and advance innovation, meeting people at every stage in their journey — from the individual manual tester to comprehensive QA teams with automated workflows.

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