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Salto Demo with Vern

Salto: Salesforce Devops Top Products Demo with Vern

Welcome to the latest episode of the Keenan Vision podcast! This is part of our continuing series of hosting companies who made the Top Products list. This week we are graced with Dan Putman who is showing us a Salto demo. ([email protected]).

Salto translates your business applications’ configuration into text, allowing you to search, compare, test, deploy, and track changes across your environments. Dan shows us NaCl, the new application description language devised by Salto, and how it works throughout a Salesforce release management system.


  • What is and Why Salto?
  • Environments in Salto
  • Salto Impact Analysis – Change Intelligence
  • Demo of actual deployment
  • Free Tier! – Great for impact analysis

For more information please contact Salto at or email Dan at [email protected].

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