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Copado Demo – Salesforce Devops Top Products with Vern

Podcast: Copado: Salesforce Devops Top Products Demo with Vern

In this episode I get a full demo and product description from Copado demo star [email protected] Nolan Larrabee. This is a podcast series that is part of the Salesforce Devops Top Products gallery. Please be sure to check it out at

I love how Nolan took us on a journey through a day-in-life of a Copado team member. I saw how Copado leverages metadata intelligence to keep up with org changes and to organize the development process. We also saw how Copado has an extensive Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) process integrated into the overall workflow.

Finally we got a nice demo of Copado Robotic Testing, the testing solution which is built into the platform.

For more information about Copado please visit their website at

Copado Demo Outline

  1. Personal Introduction <3 min>
  2. System Overview <5 min>
  3. Essentials quick-hit
    1. Includes 
  4. Demo
    1. Admin
    2. Developer
    3. Release Manager
    4. Robotic Testing
  5. Wrap Up
    1. Copado Academy

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