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Waqas Nazir Podcast

Watch Out For Those Guardrails! – Waqas Nazir of DigitSec – Keenan Vision Podcast Episode 6, Feb 25, 2022


This week on the Keenan Vision Podcast we continue our interview series with Waqas Nazir, CEO and founder of DigitSec, a leading Salesforce cybersecurity vendor (

Here is the article referenced:

Here are the points covered by Vernon Keenan and Waqas Nazir in this interesting and lively conversation.

  • Waqas shares how he was eminently practical getting into computers and engineering.
  • He talks about his engineering background, which involved electrical engineering
  • Then we hear about his experience at Microsoft
    • He was lucky enough to be there when Microsoft made a major pivot towards security
  • Waqas continues with his story, talking about his experiences in industry
  • Vern asks what a Salesforce platform owner needs to worry about in cybersecurity
  • Waqas talks about how platform owners need to understand they have responsibility for security
  • Vern and Waqas talk about how digital transformations drive security requirements
  • Waqas talks about building threat profiles
  • Vern asks about management programs for cybersecurity.
  • Waqas talks about some management frameworks and principles like security design
    • Planning is key to cybersecurity success to make sure all bases are covered
  • Vern asks about adoption, and Waqas talks about the range use cases
  • Waqas comments on how cybersecurity integrates into devops and release management
  • Vern asks about how DigitSec fits into the whole process of release management
  • Waqas builds up the case for integrated solutions
    • The shift left idea comes in by adding code scans to the IDE
  • They talk about how expensive it is to fix bugs later rather than earlier!’
    • Vern mentions how important it is to authenticate logins to key networks
  • Vern talks about why he calls it cybersecurity and how he see DigitSec as risk management tool
  • Waqas and Vern talk about the Dark Reading article about how Salesforce Devops needs Guardrails! 
  • Waqas talks about the cost-benefit analysis of how you can use metrics and other information to measure success
  • Waqas talks about how security scanners slow people down
  • Vern talks about the Dark Reading article and why people need guardrails.
  • Waqas relates more about how important those guardrails are to business continuity
  • Vern gets some really good advice on how to start a career in cybersecurity!

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