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Keenan Vision Podcast Salesforce TDX 21

Salesforce TDX21 — Keenan Vision Podcast Episode 001

Welcome to My Salesforce Podcast

Due to popular demand, I’ve launched a new Salesforce podcast channel for readers! The first episode is up on YouTube and Anchor.

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Podcast Show Notes

This is an audio version of an earlier posting, TrailheaDX Showcases New Salesforce App Production Advances for 2021.

Be sure to listen to the podcast for all the snarky nuggets too biting to publish in print!

Hey everybody! It’s Vern Keenan here with the very first edition of the Keenan Vision podcast recorded on Friday June 25, 2021!

Before I say anything else, I want to thank everybody who has supported me on this journey of helping people figure out Salesforce devops. I couldn’t do this without your support, so thank you.

Let’s kick off with something everyone wants to hear about, which is the TrailheaDX 21 event broadcast this week from Salesforce headquarters in San Francisco. I’ll be giving you my spin on things from the devops perspective.

TrailheaDX showed off low-code and high-code app production tools and strategies for developers, administrators, architects, partners, and IT leaders. On to Salesforce DevOps Center I mainly paid attention to high-code stuff, but there were some low-code advances too.

Dynamic Interactions is a new feature where writers of Salesforce Lightning Web Components may create interfaces that may be arbitrarily “wired” together via the Lightning App Builder. This enables components to receive updates and automatically transmit data updates to related components.

There is Flow Orchestrator for developing Salesforce workflows and MuleSoft Composer for designing multi-system interactions among some other data management announcements. So, with the delay of Salesforce DevOps Center and these winds of change around OmniStudio, it looks like the Salesforce devops tooling and lifecycle management efforts are still a work in progress.