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Flosum Debuts Winter ’21 Release

Flosum, a leading Salesforce devops platform vendor based in San Ramon, California, last month announced the Flosum Winter ’21 Release of its service. “Our focus is on making developers more productive on the Salesforce platform,” said Girish Jashnani, founder and CEO of Flosum. “What we have heard from customers is that we are one of the only solutions that actually understands the Salesforce code, so as code is moving from developers, to QA, to production, we can automatically fix the code issues. With our latest release, we are further extending the capabilities of our solution to drive greater efficiencies,” added Mr. Jashnani in a press release.

Flosum Loves Customers

Flosum likes to make a big deal about how they have eschewed investor attention so they can fully focus on the customer. This latest release shows some of that customer love with big updates to the backup service, internal metadata management, DORA metrics, and the deployment analyzer.

The deployment analyzer uses metadata intelligence to dramatically improve the efficiency of deployments by anticipating errors prior to final deployment. And the improvements in DORA metrics automatically integrate with Tableau. This helps application lifecycle managers who are new to devops metrics analyze the data.

Another in-demand feature is integration with external packages. In this release Flosum now offers webhook services, which means external web services are automatically invoked when certain Flosum events transpire. With enhanced webhooks, Flosum now offers better integration with Provar and Worksoft for improved continuous testing.

In another nod to customers, Flosum announced a product roadmap in a recent customer video. Future versions of Flosum should cover multiple SaaS systems besides Salesforce, improve on developer cybersecurity, and integrate more test automation platforms.

Many Improvements and Enhancements

Flosum made several other improvements worth a mention. Like other devops platforms, Flosum has built up its ability to deal with Industry Cloud with its own unique set of metadata systems. There are improvements to the data migration manager. Metadata ingestion is now optimized with an update to Salesforce APIs that support automated component retrieval. There are general productivity enhancements. And customers with the largest orgs will now experience fewer limits when ingesting metadata.

Flosum Makes Progress

The latest release by Flosum indicates the company is experiencing strong product growth and customer feedback. It is also encouraging to see how Flosum continues to use metadata intelligence to improve its deployment analyzer. The introduction of DORA metrics is interesting because it advances a key tool frequently used by high-performing teams. However, using metrics depends on the user’s expertise in devops metrics. It would be nice to see devops metrics be better integrated into high-end management tools such as value stream mapping.

As the major Salesforce devops platforms move into 2022 we shall see how Flosum competes with other devops platforms like AutoRABIT, Blue Canvas, Copado and Gearset. Copado, who took the vast majority of venture capital equity investment in Salesforce devops companies in 2021, is sure to cast a shadow on less well-endowed competitors. Since choice and competition benefits Salesforce devops users, let us hope that organic growth will allow Flosum to compete effectively with such behemoths.