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Provar Launches ProvarDX for Improved Integration of Salesforce Testing

Provar, a London-based independent software vendor, earlier this month announced a Salesforce CLI and VS Code integration called ProvarDX that supports better integration of Provar testing services into Salesforce devops pipelines. “Salesforce DX is an exciting advancement for high performing teams looking for new ways to deliver changes better and faster,” said Richard Clark, Provar Chief Technology Officer. “More and more Salesforce professionals are adopting Salesforce DX as a means to develop apps and manage their Salesforce application lifecycle more efficiently. We saw the opportunity to also integrate our award-winning test automation solution to uniquely support it and at the same time educate our users about the benefits of Salesforce DX for both traditional org-based and source-driven development models,” added Mr. Clark in a press release.

Provar is a feature-rich Salesforce testing system with extensive reporting and compliance features. The company started using the Java Eclipse platform and the ANT deployment utility in the mid 2010’s. This was long before VS Code and Salesforce CLI, also known as SFDX-CLI, changed the Salesforce devops ecosystem.

Provar is client-oriented; it does not require the use of a cloud-based service provider. Provar test creators work on a Mac or Windows workstation to create tests. Then, a version control system like GitHub is used to upload, distribute, and manage the test definitions.

Provar already supports several Salesforce devops platform integrations. A Jenkins “sidecar” is required to handles Provar activities. The use of a “sidecar” refers to a separate virtual machine that has Jenkins and the Provar support utilities pre-installed. When invoked, the “sidecar” runs Jenkins pipelines, which in turn downloads and runs Provar test scripts downloaded from GitHub.

Provar has detailed integration instructions for AutoRABIT, Azure DevOps, Copado, Flosum, Gearset, and Jenkins. The instructions also offer some helpful architectural diagrams.

ProvarDX Description

Provar already has a SFDX-CLI integration called ConfigureDX, but it only works on scratch orgs and it also requires a local ANT installation. ProvarDX upgrades this architecture by using an NPM module to contain all the utility code required to run Provar tests and interact with Salesforce. Plus, ProvarDX no longer limits its use with scratch orgs and works with any type of Salesforce org.

ProvarDX is an SFDX-CLI extension. Installing ProvarDX brings the Provar NPM module into the local NodeJS installation. The extension adds four new SFDX-CLI commands: provar:compile, provar:metadatacache, provar:runtests, and provar:validate.

Demonstration of the ProvarDX VS Code integration, Source: Microsoft

ProvarDX has a companion VS Code extension. Installing the extension provides integration of ProvarDX into the command palate, plus some additional utility functions.

Better Continuous Integration with ProvarDX

Provar sometimes overwhelms new users due to its use of older Salesforce technologies. ProvarDX addresses this by upgrading the system’s continuous integration and continuous delivery capabilities. This SFDX-CLI extension is a welcome addition to a tester’s toolbox. Dropping the need for ANT reduces the cognitive load on Salesforce devops practitioners. With this advanced integration feature, ProvarDX should simplify or eliminate the use of “sidecar” processes in Provar testing integration.

The result is better integration and faster execution of Provar test scripts within devops pipelines. Testing gives release managers the confidence to hit the button and let the automation do its job. So, by increasing the use of testing systems like Provar devops managers should gain the confidence required to increase release cadence and team performance.