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Dreamforce 2022 Salesforce Devops Preview

Dreamforce 2022 Salesforce Devops Preview

We are only days away from the start of the largest single-vendor IT conference in the United States. Salesforce Dreamforce 2022 in San Francisco is building excitement and anxiety in thousands of Trailblazers, vendors, and analysts like me! I just scoured my email and the online agenda for the best Salesforce devops events. Here is my list of Salesforce Devops must-sees for Salesforce Dreamforce 2022.

Happy Hours and Receptions

  • Salesforce Developers has a reception on “day0”. Get to meet developer advocates from all the clouds. RSVP required. Monday 7:00 to 10:00, Temple SF, 540 Howard Street.
  • Copado is doing a takeover of Hotel Zetta (55 5th Street) for the show, and they have a reception on Tuesday @ 5:30 PM. RSVP required.  
  • Fly up to the top of the Mark! – Opsera Reception, RSVP Required – Sounds fancy! Tuesday, 6:00 to 7:30 PM, The Mark Hopkins Hotel, Union Square.
  • Dreamfest Happy Hour @ Local Edition – Odaseva, WITH Secure, and AppOmni. Wednesday 5:00 to 7:00 PM, Local Edition, 691 Market Street.
  • Red Hot Happy Hour – Prodly will be prepping for the Chili Peppers with a reception at the Brixton before the show. RSVP required. Wednesday 5:00 to 7:00 PM, 701 2nd Street.

Dreamforce Salesforce Devops Sessions

Here are the many sessions with Salesforce devops-related presentations. Just so you know, some of these sessions are really vendor presentations in disguise. But if you’re trying to get a feel for something new, maybe that’s OK. If any of these presentations really strike your fancy, then be sure to show up early because seating will be tight.

Tuesday, September 20

  • Dreamforce CEO Keynote – Marc Benioff and Brett Taylor will have something new to talk about, I think. Look for a focus on Customer 360 and what might come next. Tuesday @ 10:00 AM, Hall F, Moscone Center. Watch live on Salesforce+.
  • Delivering Customer Value Through Clean, Safe Code – Prashanth Samudrala, VP of Product for Codescan (a division of AutoRABIT) helps to shift cybersecurity left. Tuesday @ 1:00 PM in the Twin Peaks room over at the Metreon City View.
  • Elevate DevOps with Copado and Slack Integration – Alexander Velitsky from Slalom will show off some Copado and Slack integration. Tuesday @ 1:30 PM in the Redwood Theater in Moscone West, Trailblazer Forest.
  • Make the Move from Change Sets to DevOps Center – Karen Fidelak and Gilson Canario from Salesforce will show you how to modernize release management with Salesforce DevOps Center. Tuesday @ 2:00 PM, Camp Two over at Moscone South, Salesforce+ Camp. Also Wednesday @ 11:30 AM, Admin Theater at Moscone West, Trailblazer Forest.
  • Design Patterns for Salesforce CI/CD – Pablo Gonzalez from Salto will teach you how to use a command server to automate your Salesforce devops release process. Tuesday @ 2:00 PM, Room 2018 in Moscone West, Level 1.
  • Test Automation of Wells Fargo Integrated Apps with ACCELQ –Venkatesh Yenugula from Wells Fargo and Guljeet Nagpaul from ACCELQ will go over a complex use case for advanced Salesforce testing. Tuesday @ 2:00 PM, Platform Theater at Moscone West, Level 2.
  • Roadmap: The Future of Salesforce Development for IT Leaders – Dan Fernandez, Jay Hurst, and Andrew Fawcett, who are all senior leaders at Salesforce, will present the latest on IDEs, Devops, Heroku, and Functions. Tuesday @ 4:00 PM in Room 3014, Moscone West, Level 3.
  • Provar Automation outcomes with Salesforce and Alm. Brand – Nicki Bang-Madsen from Alm. Brand Group, Michael Daily and Alexa Cash from Provar, plus Ben Kim, Mohit Kumar from Salesforce will help platform owners and leaders adopt a QA maturity hub. Tuesday @ 4:30 over in Moscone South Campground.

Wednesday, September 21

  • Delivering High Availability for the Trusted Enterprise – Eric Fruhinsholz and Imran Mohiuddin will take us inside how Salesforce uses devops to make Salesforce! Wednesday @ 9:00 AM in Room 2024, Moscone West, Level 2.
  • How CarMax Achieves Agility Through Salesforce DX and DevOps – Praneeth Galipalli from CarMax and Mohith Shrivastava from Salesforce will take us through packaging and dependency tips at scale. Wednesday @ 10:30 AM, over at Moscone South, Camp Four in the Salesforce+ Camp.
  • Growth Accelerated Through a DevOps Transformation – Amy Cook from Simplus and Ramya Raj from Genesys will tell their story about using devops to drive top-line growth. Wednesday @ 11:00 AM, over at Moscone South in Camp Three in the Salesforce+ Camp.
  • Salesforce DevOps at Google: A Peek Behind the Curtain – Maksim Khokhlov and Mitch Spano from Google will be the wizards drawing back the curtain on Google Salesforce Devops. Wednesday @ 11:00 AM, Room 2024 at Moscone West, Level 2.
  • Get Comfortable with GIT – Oz Lavee from Panaya, and who is an excellent speaker and entertainer, will take us through the ins-and-outs of GIT, which is an essential tool most developers don’t really understand. Wednesday @ 11:00, Admin Theater at Moscone West in the Trailblazer Forest.
  • How IT Leaders Build Fast with Salesforce DevOps – Sarfarajey Akram Mir from IBM and Tara Krishan from Salesforce will teach us how to build with the customer and employee experience top of mind. Wednesday @ 12:30 PM, Camp Four over at Moscone South in the Salesforce+ Camp.
  • Copado and IBM: Transforming Telco with DevOps – Federico Larsen from Copado, Fabiana Safar from IBM, and Flavio Lopez from Salesforce will talk about how devops helped to digitally transform a big European telecom brand. Wednesday @ 1:00 PM, Industry Innovation Theater East, at the Campground.
  • How Teams Build with DevOps Center and Developer Tools – Karen Fidelak and Ryan Brainard from Salesforce will go more in-depth about how to integrate DevOps Center into developer workflows. Wednesday @ 2:00 PM, Room 2024 at Moscone West, Level 2.
  • Getting Started with Salesforce DevOps – Gilson Canario and Nicolás Piccolo from Salesforce will help you get off the starting line with Salesforce DevOps Center. Wednesday @ 3:30 PM, Magic Falls Theater West, in Moscone West, Level 2.

Thursday, September 22

See You There!

On Monday I will be participating in the pre-show press acitivity. So, I’ll have some highly-informative posts about new product announcements on Tuesday morning. Check in with me via LinkedIn. I’ll be around the site for the three days, so I will attend some of these sessions and I hope to see you there!