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Keenan Vision Rating Illustration Launches Keenan Vision Rating

The site is growing, and today I am adding a formal review and rating process for software products. To help you pick software products better, and to give better feedback to the vendors, I am introducing the Keenan Vision Rating.

Keenan Vision Rating and Enterprise Software Scorecard

The Keenan Vision Rating is number from 1 to 5 that rates enterprise software by the following five factors:

  • Ease of Use (E) – Factors considered in the Ease-of-Use evaluation includes determining how easy it is to complete installation, setup, and basic usage according to vendor instructions or information supplied by vendor support.
  • Features (F) – The reviewer is asking how complete is the product’s feature set? Factors to consider include competing product feature sets, user demand, and product innovation.
  • Net Promotor Score (NPS) – Or “How likely are you to recommend this product to a colleague?”
  • Value for Investment (V) – How does this product stack up against the total cost of ownership? TCO includes consulting or other implementation and operating costs required to get a payoff.
  • Customer Service (C) – Does the company offer sufficient customer care services to complete an onboarding? Does the company offer live support? How available are customer service agents? Are they professionally trained and able to support developers? How quickly are problems resolved?

Also included in the scorecard are a handful of key pros and cons in the form of buyer advisories.

The final score is calculated using this weighted average formula:

                KV Rating = ( E + F + 2*NPS + V + C ) / 6
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