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Salesforce Devops Reviews 2021

Salesforce Devops Product Reviews – 2021 Retrospective

Salesforce Devops 2021 Retrospective Series

In a year-end series of retrospectives, I’m reprising some of the most interesting and reusable content I’ve posted over the last year. In this post, I present the product reviews made on the site.

Salesforce Devops Product Reviews

A review involves the reviewer installing and using the product. Our lab uses several production Enterprise edition Salesforce orgs as test beds for Salesforce devops products.

In June I set out to create a standard review format and scoring scheme called the Keenan Vision Rating. I then managed to pump out a couple of these formal reviews which include a YouTube presentation.

  • testRigor Eases Salesforce Testing

    “testRigor is a Salesforce-specific online testing service that uses a human-based perception model to specify visual tests in plain English. testRigor uses an online testing engine designed to improve the long-term reliability of tests. testRigor’s tester-friendly Chrome extension and online service lets Salesforce platform owners create tests faster and more reliably than traditional Salesforce testing methods.”
  • Salesforce Extension Pack Review: Breakthrough Tool Needs Improvement

    “Salesforce Extension Pack delivers on its promise to augment VS Code, which makes it a powerful and productive platform for day-to-day Salesforce developer activities. With Salesforce Extension Pack installed, using VS Code and Salesforce CLI (SFDX-CLI) dramatically increases a developer’s productivity when compared to using Eclipse or the Developer Console.”

2022 Review Preview

In 2022 I’m on the lookout to do more reviews on some of the larger platforms, as well as smaller open-source tools. Be sure to let me know on Twitter or LinkedIn about what you think should be reviewed on!

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