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Opsera Nabs $15 Million Series A from Felicis Ventures for Low-Code Devops

Opersa (link), a San Francisco-based low-code devops company founded in 2020, today announced a $15 million Series A venture investment. The investment led by Menlo Park, California-based Felicis Ventures. Existing investors Clear Ventures, Trinity Ventures and Firebolt Ventures also participated, and new investor HMG Ventures came along for the ride.

Early-stage investor Rajeev Madhavan of Clear Ventures observed “Opsera helps teams break free from DevOps tool chaos with a new approach that accelerates time-to-value like no other solution available today,” in a press release.

Nice Pedigree

Opsera seems to have the background and experience needed to launch a startup into a Series A funding so quickly. The company’s two co-founders originally met while working at Symantec a few years ago. While there, the two worked on adapting the many developer and operations processes they inherited via Symantec’s many acquisitions. After Symantec, one of the co-founders ran Uber’s global infrastructure. Check this TechCrunch article for more background.

Opsera Smooths the Devops Rough Spots

The company’s aim is to enable enterprise devops engineers, including those working Salesforce pipelines, to have a better experience. Hence, the premise that running an orchestration pipeline should be as easy as drag-and-drop.

“Our mission is to democratize software delivery by abstracting any CI/CD tools into a common framework that can empower engineers to build pipelines in minutes, not days or weeks,” said Chandra Ranganathan and Kumar Chivukula, co-founders of Opsera in the press release. “We offer the only DevOps platform that connects and orchestrates the entire tool stack with complete choice and visibility. Our customers can focus on their core product and will never waste time and resources building and managing toolchains and pipelines in-house or be stuck with single-vendor solutions,” the founders added.

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