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Britive Raises $10 million Series A to Secure Software Supply Chains

Britive, a multi-cloud cybersecurity company headquartered in Los Angeles, earlier this week announced they raised a $10 million Series A equity investment. The round was led by Crosslink Capital. Other investors included Upfront Ventures and One Way Ventures. Britive’s solution covers Salesforce, Servicenow, AWS, GCP and Azure.

Multi-Cloud is a Cybersecurity Threat

As enterprises adapt to systems like Salesforce and Servicenow being strategic, IT leaders need a new kind of configuration management technology. This is because the complexity of safely configuring systems is growing exponentially. Configuration management is now a cybersecurity consideration just because of the number of online systems the enterprise uses. Given the fact online service usage is up, this is a growing problem for IT.

Britive aims to unify the management of Salesforce and Servicenow cybersecurity configuration with a technology called Just-In-Time permissioning. “Britive’s approach of combining Just-in-Time permissioning with secrets governance capabilities dramatically improves cloud security by minimizing a company’s attack surface,” Art Poghosyan (LinkedIn), CEO of Britive in a press release.

Protecting the Software Supply Chain

Britive says they protect software vendors from software supply chain attacks such as SolarWinds and Codecov. To do this they focus on the secrets, passwords, and API access information in a developer toolchain. “The Britive Platform is truly revolutionary in that it enables organizations to migrate to a DevSecOps model by baking security into their CI/CD processes, while accelerating cloud app development,” said Matt Bigge (contact and bio), a partner at Crosslink Capital in the same press release.

Investors Are Hunting

There is no lack of activity in the software development industry nowadays. Software cybersecurity is a juicy target for early-stage and growth investors as awareness grows. Most of these companies are profitable, have full pipelines, are tied into partner sales teams, and can use the capital to grow internationally. The trick is finding them, and it looks like Crosslink has a scored a potential winner.