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Salesforce State of IT Report Reveals Shifting Technology Priorities

Salesforce State of IT Report Reveals Shifting Technology Priorities

The latest State of IT report from Salesforce offers valuable insights into how IT leaders plan to embrace automation, AI, security, and more. With survey data from nearly 4,500 IT decision-makers worldwide, the findings reveal how enterprises aim to recalibrate priorities to drive digital transformation despite economic uncertainty.

AI and Automation Underpin a More Efficient, Innovative Future

I had a chance to speak with John Kucera, SVP of Product Management at Salesforce, about the latest State of IT Report. “IT leaders are focused on automation, integration, and security as critical for the future,” said Mr. Kucera. This ethos echoes throughout the report. For example, 86% of respondents believe AI will play a prominent role soon, with 50% considering it a potential game-changer. Significant majorities see value in intelligent automation to drive efficiency and employee productivity.

Yet AI advances also raise ethical questions that give technologists pause. Over 60% have concerns about generative AI’s ethics and career impacts. Those able to responsibly harness AI’s potential appear well-positioned to boost enterprise resilience and innovation.

Integration Efforts Lag Despite Critical Business Need

Kucera also told me about the “proliferation of apps and critical need for integration to enable great customer experiences.” True to form, the study found just 29% of respondents said apps are integrated across respondents’ enterprises. This stubborn statistic persists despite surging app usage.

With 72% of customer interactions now digital, seamless omnichannel experiences often depend on connecting siloed data sources. However, 80% say integration challenges slow digital transformation, pointing to factors like inadequate skills and strategies. As integration demands multiply, enterprises must pursue new approaches to harmonize proliferating apps and data.

Security Takes Center Stage Amid Heightened Threats and Compliance Scrutiny

Digital transformation brings new threats and compliance demands. 67% of study respondents struggle to balance business and security objectives. But 86% still expect security investments to rise, using tactics like encryption and access management to protect their expanding attack surface. Some industries like manufacturing, energy, and government express especially heightened cybersecurity concerns.

Meanwhile, 87% of IT leaders are confident their organizations comply with applicable regulations around data privacy and usage. Yet with rules and enforcement strengthening worldwide, continued vigilance is prudent to avoid substantial financial penalties and reputational damage.

We Still Have Work To Do

Though optimism persists, IT faces entrenched challenges. 62% have trouble meeting business demands, even as 74% expect IT needs to increase. KPIs are under scrutiny as well, with just 35% saying metrics align across departments.

By actively managing priorities and making pragmatic technology investments, IT departments aim to thrive in turbulent conditions. Those able to embrace AI, improve integration, strengthen security, and meet rising business needs appear well-positioned to boost enterprise resilience and innovation.