Skip to content demo Manages Salesforce Devops (link) gives Salesforce Center of Excellence leaders and platform owners a business perspective on managing software development activities. Its comprehensive suite of high-end capabilities makes a productive choice for Salesforce teams. is a founding member of the Salesforce Devops List of ISVs and Tools and is produced by its namesake company based in San Francisco.

Salesforce Management Portal is a leading example of using a system of business analysis, feedback processing, org metadata management, and an advanced user experience to manage Salesforce implementations. The system’s business analysis function incorporates advanced governance features, such as risk management, directly into the app production team’s workflow.

Nice Looking App

The system uses a custom application server in combination with an AppExchange package to deliver a refined user interface. Acting like a Salesforce document management portal, presents information logically in an Excel or Visio-like user interface. For a Salesforce-specific application, Elements has a good user experience, comparable in quality to other premium web applications such as Office 365 or Airtable.

Elements offers a Chrome plugin that replicates much of the custom app’s functionality. The chrome extension allows for instant contextual management of the org, which is a powerful mechanism to increase engagement with the app production team. Parts of the system’s interface may also be incorporated directly in Lightning pages.

Vital Devops Functions performs the most vital of Salesforce devops functions, which is a nightly metadata scan. After a new metadata ingest, the system then generates ample reports and analyses of metadata dynamics. The system will merge metadata analysis data with information derived from the system design documents. This helps app production teams to prioritize how to deal with metadata issues.

Growing Fast

According to Ian Gotts (LinkedIn), CEO of, the product has found favor with consultants doing pandemic-driven digital transformations and with larger companies. Elements has enjoyed growth driven by these partners, who range in size from small shops to global system integrators. Fun fact — the company has scanned over 7 billion individual metadata elements.

The system also finds favor among Center of Excellence managers due to its cross-org management capabilities.

Salesforce Devops 3.0

Devops has advanced from the initial stages where it is merely the conjunction of the terms Developer and Operations. It has also moved past an intermediate stage where DevOps became a job description or an engineering craft. 

Now, as enterprise application development becomes the means of production, devops is elevated in importance. is a leading Salesforce devops management system using Salesforce devops practices to incorporate key management principles into the app production process. The industry needs more tools like to help the entire Salesforce developer ecosystem evolve based on devops first principles.