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Copado Launches Copado 1 Platform for Salesforce Devops

Copado, a leader in low code devops, today announced the launch of the Copado 1 platform. Copado 1 provides an end-to-end devops solution tailored for Salesforce customers. The new product aims to help accelerate DevOps maturity and deployments through workflow automation, AI assistance, and built-in expertise.

Integrated Platform for Salesforce Devops

Copado 1 brings together Copado’s existing devops capabilities into a single integrated platform. Key features include:

  • CI/CD Pipelines
  • Data Deployments
  • Monitoring
  • Agile Planning
  • Testing
  • Compliance

According to James LeBlanc, VP of Product Marketing at Copado, “The goal is to bring the Copado devops best practices and all the amazing capabilities that we have across all clouds within the Salesforce ecosystem.”

The platform streamlines development and testing across Salesforce clouds including Sales, Service, Marketing, and Commerce. LeBlanc emphasized the collaborative environment Copado 1 provides: “Low-code admins and full stack developers can collaborate effectively across pipelines with Copado 1, while leveraging automation and best practices to improve speed and quality.”

Accelerating Innovation and Business Impact

Copado claims customers can increase productivity by 20% while reducing bugs 3x and speeding up release cycles by 20% using Copado 1.

Specific benefits highlighted include:

  • Increased visibility through version control and agile planning
  • Improved quality via automated testing, compliance, and security 
  • Faster release velocity through CI/CD automation
  • Innovation through value stream mapping, analytics, and collaboration

According to LeBlanc, Copado 1 enables teams to “increase visibility through version control and agile planning, improve quality with automated testing, compliance and security, release faster with automated CI/CD, and boost innovation and measurable business impact through value stream mapping, analytics and collaboration.”

Juha Vaitilo, CSO & Quality Assurance at Sogeti, remarked: “The quality assurance transformation journey we’ve had with Copado has decreased our amount of manual work and increased the pace of releases.”

AI and Low-Code Capabilities

A key differentiator of the Copado 1 platform is its emphasis on AI and low-code capabilities. Copado 1 incorporates the Copado AI Companion, which assists users throughout the DevOps workflow. It optimizes processes like user story planning, deployment pipelines, and test automation.

The platform is powered by Copado GPT, Copado’s fine-tuned, DevOps-oriented LLM. Copado GPT incorporates Copado’s documentation, best practices, and accumulated expertise. Copado GPT seems to function very much like Salesforce Einstein Copilot, which was also introduced today.

Low-code admins can construct pipelines through drag-and-drop and configure automated triggers without coding. Copado 1 enables citizen developers to participate in DevOps through its intuitive interface.

Positioning Against Competitors

The launch of Copado 1 comes as other vendors like AutoRABIT offer new products in the Salesforce devops space. The AutoRABIT announcement of FlowCenter strives to give their customers a unified view of their CodeScan, Vault, and AutoRABIT Release Management.

But Copado is distinguishing itself by providing an integrated suite of capabilities in a single platform that fully creates Salesforce devops solution. Bundling together CI/CD, testing, compliance, analytics, and AI allows for greater consistency across the development lifecycle.

Copado is also banking on its specialization for Salesforce versus taking a cloud-agnostic approach. Building expertise and best practices tailored to Salesforce users has been a key part of Copado’s strategy.

Salesforce Devops is More Than Release Management

With Copado 1 , Copado aims to accelerate devops success for Salesforce customers through workflow automation, collaboration, and AI assistance.

Early customers report significant gains in productivity, release velocity, and innovation. All these activities are aimed at gaining alignment between what happens in the IT department and enterprise goals. By putting tools such as robotic testing and value stream management under one roof, Copado customers will be more likely to use these advanced management tools for better IT alignment.