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AutoRABIT Record Migrator Adds Data Management for CPQ Apps

AutoRABIT, a leading Salesforce devops platform vendor based in Pleasanton, California, this week announced support for managing extended metadata for configure-price-quote (CPQ) Salesforce AppExchange packages. In a press release the company said “1-click deployments are available on a single pipeline that integrates seamlessly with industry-leading applications like Salesforce CPQ, and Apttus/Conga CPQ.” The new tool is called AutoRABIT Record Migrator and it is now a major component of the AutoRABIT Salesforce devops platform.

Exotic Salesforce Metadata

Salesforce is rife with exotic and inaccessible metadata types and instance data. Notably, Salesforce gave up on the Dependency API earlier this year. This happened because the project failed to find all metadata relationships within their own product! And the degree to which Salesforce devops products find metadata varies among vendors and open-source projects.

Metadata gets even more exotic when a customer adds a complex Salesforce AppExchange product to their org. For AutoRABIT, the debut version of Record Migrator focuses on CPQ order management systems. CPQ systems depend on related lists of picklist values, product configuration options, and pricing rules to function.

Extended Application Support

It should be noted that AutoRABIT already supports change management for exotic metadata found in other major AppExchange packages. This includes nCino for financial services, Veeva for life sciences, and Salesforce Industries (Vlocity) Health Cloud.

At least two other Salesforce devops vendors also support managing the exotic metadata for CPQ and other AppExchange packages. Prodly focuses on managing all the exotic metadata for Salesforce CPQ. It is interesting that Prodly’s founder is Max Rudman, who originally designed and managed Salesforce CPQ. Also, Blue Canvas has a freely available Deployer Tool for CPQ on their website.

Devops Wanted Here

The companies who invest in Salesforce devops usually do it because they use Salesforce as a critical application delivery platform. CPQ is critical in large organizations to keep the sales machine humming. And companies who are using Salesforce for life sciences, health care, or any kind of financial services require governance over change management practices. Because of this demand, it is likely that Salesforce devops companies who focus on critical services industries will find more customers interested in devops.

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