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Datadog Improves Salesforce Security with New Integration

Datadog (NASDAQ: DDOG), a global devops service provider based in New York City, this week announced that its application performance monitoring (APM) platform is now available for Salesforce. “Customers’ Salesforce data is extremely sensitive, requiring attention from security teams and Salesforce admins to identify potential issues. This new integration will provide joint Datadog and Salesforce customers with the monitoring and security capabilities they need to keep that data secure,” said Michael Gerstenhaber, Senior Director, Datadog Product Management in a press release.

Endorsed by Salesforce

A Salesforce representative endorsed the new Datadog integration in the same press release. “I am excited about this new partnership with Datadog and Salesforce Event Monitoring,” said Amanda Grady, Senior Director, Salesforce Product Management. “One of our Platform Architects has reported that what normally took up to two weeks to investigate using multiple monitoring tools now only takes minutes and with just a few clicks.”

Datadog Ready for Purchase

The new Datadog Salesforce integration is ready to go. For more information check out this complete blog posting with free trial information at the end.

Security Dashboard

Salesforce already produces most of the logs and metrics needed to monitor access and other security concerns. The problem is coalescing the data and making sense of it all. That is where Datadog’s APM platform comes into play. With the new Salesforce integration, Datadog users may now ingest Salesforce logs and metrics in real time.

Access Insights, Securely

The blog post also explained how Datadog can process log files to give insights into platform access activity, which allows for better API quota management.

Define Security Rules

Salesforce can emit all kinds of security alerts. Datadog has a Rule feature where a process is defined for handling designated events, such as “SessionHijackingEvent.” Such an event can trigger notifications or additional analysis.

More Salesforce Observability is Needed

APM and other forms of ingesting log files and metrics for analysis may be lumped into a general category which I call “observability.” In Salesforce devops, observability also refers to metrics that get emitted from the devops process, like those defined by the DevOps Research & Assessment (DORA) project. This Datadog announcement move observability in the right direction, but more efforts are needed by all vendors.

The new Datadog Salesforce integration is welcome news for any large platform owner. With access to a cloud native tool that makes better sense of Salesforce security data some chief information security officers will sleep a little better at night.

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