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Opsera Announces $12M Funding to Power New Hummingbird AI Initiatives

Opsera Announces $12M Funding to Power New Hummingbird AI Initiatives

San Francisco-based Opsera, a leading SaaS devops platform for Fortune 500 companies, has raised $12 million in a Series A-Plus funding round. The new capital will support the launch of Hummingbird AI, Opsera’s new suite of AI-powered features aimed at revolutionizing enterprise DevOps. This announcement breaks a 17-month draught in Salesforce devops ecosystem funding announcements.

New Funding Fuels Opsera’s Growth and AI Development

The Series A Plus round was led by Taiwania Capital, with participation from existing investors Felicis Ventures, Clear Ventures, and others. This brings Opsera’s total funding to date to over $25 million.

“Today marks a major milestone for Opsera and our customers as we continue to chart new strategies to help enterprise customers gain the most value out of their technology investments and innovations,” said Opsera CEO Kumar Chivukula. “With the Opsera Unified DevOps Platform, our users release 80% faster and improve security and quality posture by 60%. Now with Hummingbird AI, users across the organization will be able to improve efficiency, security, and quality even more.”

The new funding comes on the heels of rapid growth for Opsera. Their devops platform is used by leading Fortune 500 companies to orchestrate CI/CD pipelines, enable Salesforce devops, and gain unified insights across the software delivery lifecycle.

Introducing Hummingbird AI: Opsera’s Generative AI for DevOps

In tandem with the new funding round, Opsera unveiled Hummingbird AI, a new set of AI capabilities embedded within the Opsera DevOps platform. Leveraging generative AI and MLOps, Hummingbird AI aims to help engineering teams ship higher-quality products faster.

Hummingbird AI capabilities include:

  • Critical Intelligence & Insights: AI-powered analytics provide actionable visibility into DORA metrics, developer productivity, security posture, and more.
  • Automated Workflows: Develop AI-driven, automated workflows to accelerate SDLC, SaaS, IaC, and apps.
  • Recommendations & Remediations: Prompt-based recommendations and automated fixes improve efficiency, security, costs, and error recovery.
  • Model Deployments Orchestration: Manage costs and bias using model deployments orchestration and scoring.
  • Unified Observability: Get security scorecards, remediation recommendations, and more to improve overall security.

According to Opsera, Hummingbird AI combines the conversational benefits of large language models with the flexibility to monitor pipelines across diverse workloads. This gives engineering teams intelligent recommendations, actionable insights, and automation to optimize their software delivery.

What’s Next for Opsera?

With new funding and Hummingbird AI’s generative capabilities, Opsera is poised to further accelerate how enterprises can achieve faster, higher-quality releases.

“Today’s DevOps requires performance at scale across the organization, all while empowering developers to do their best work,” said Chivukula. “With Hummingbird AI, Opsera is creating a unified, high-performing, intuitive DevOps experience driven by the latest AI innovations.”

Going forward, expect Opsera to continue expanding its platform capabilities while leveraging AI/ML to enhance insights, automation, and developer productivity. The company will focus on empowering engineers to positively impact software delivery from end-to-end in a seamless fashion.

As complexity rises across clouds, pipelines, data, and architectures, Opsera’s unified approach, now enhanced by AI, aims to help enterprise DevOps teams master the challenges and ship innovation faster.

Salesforce Devops Industry Vitality Growing

This announcement is an important, concrete sign of growth in the Salesforce devops industry. The last major funding announcement was AutoRABIT’s Series B from May 22, 2022.

Opsera’s funding comes on the heels of Dreamforce 2023 where we saw most Salesforce devops vendors had a good show and found lots of inquiring customers. Plus, open-source projects like sfdx-hardis and MuseLab D2X, are finding eager audiences.

It is a good thing that the Salesforce devops ecosystem is growing in vitality. This because every serious Salesforce customer needs their help. Alas, Salesforce itself has completely relinquished the developer and devops tooling marketplace. Now it is up to independent software vendors (ISVs) like Opsera, Copado, AutoRABIT, Salto, Prodly,, and more to service Salesforce customers for their development needs.

Now, with the addition of generative AI features like Hummingbird AI, I expect app development platforms like Opsera to continue to elevate application lifecycle management and value stream management. It is with these tools I hope we can achieve a better alignment between our Salesforce delivery efforts and value delivered to enterprise stakeholders.

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