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Metazoa Snapshot Screen Images

Metazoa Snapshot Does Low-Code Salesforce Devops

Metazoa, a software developer based in San Francisco, California, offers Metazoa Snapshot, which is a complete metadata and change management solution for Salesforce managers, admins, developers, and architects. Metazoa also offers professional services to support the installation and use of Snapshot. Snapshot is a charter member of the Industry Map.

A Fast, Detailed, and Well-Loved Solution

Snapshot is usually classified as an admin tool. However, it gives Salesforce admins, managers, and architects most of the functions needed to run a devops pipeline. This includes repository management, metadata analysis, reporting, branch management, agile management, and value stream management.

Snapshot has a unique architecture, where it is used as a native app on Mac or Windows with an AppExchange managed package. As a native application, Snapshot has a unique user interface that requires training and exploration to become fully proficient. The product centers around an org “snapshot,” and the analysis and transformation of the snapshot throughout a release management cycle.

Metazoa Snapshot carries the mark of a well-loved application because it incorporates many user-suggested features. By running as a native app on MacOS or Windows, Snapshot responds instantly to a right-click in almost every context. A right-click brings up a list of actions, or contextually relevant set of menu options, for an object on the screen. After a period of familiarization, the interface can increase the productivity of Salesforce admins engaged in org change management.

Metazoa Snapshot Covers Org Management Concerns

Snapshot is a Salesforce admin’s “swiss army knife” when it comes to org management and running a devops pipeline. Its reporting features can be formalized into a form of compliance reporting and maintenance. Also, Snapshot has several powerful features related to profile, permission set, and security settings management.

By offering services, Metazoa helps organizations with older, seemingly broken orgs gain some traction with modern application development methods. The reporting capabilities help admins get a handle on mountains of metadata. Metazoa even offers guidance on using Salesforce DX to reduce org complexity with 2nd generation packaging.

The Original Salesforce Devops Low-Code Solution

Metazoa Snapshot has developer features, including operational compatibility with SFDX-CLI. Snapshot also aids developers by giving them graphical tools that aid in the management and deployment processes.

For Salesforce org managers looking to increase the efficiency of Salesforce app development, Metazoa Snapshot offers a comprehensive toolkit that speeds change management. While its breadth of features may pigeonhole Snapshot into the admin tool category, it is more than capable to be a centerpiece in a Salesforce devops solution.

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