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Blue Canvas demo

Blue Canvas Lets Salesforce Orgs Orchestrate New Feature Deployments

Blue Canvas (link), a San Francisco-based software company is now on the List of ISVS & Tools! Welcome to Blue Canvas, who does Salesforce release management and orchestrates branch-based feature deployment in a fast, easy-to-use interface.

Powered By Kubernetes

This team came at Salesforce devops with an outsider perspective. They were also informed by working with Salesforce developers frustrated with everyday problems. What they first noticed was how much time it took to ingest meta data from a new org, and how that ruined the developer experience.

Instead of building their solution fully on Salesforce, they have built it as a secure off-platform extension using Go-based microservices running in a Kubernetes cluster, Using the multiprocessing power in their system, Blue Canvas dramatically decreases meta data ingestion and analysis times.

Git Is Behind The Scenes

As shown in the gif, some of the interface looks like a Git Pull Request, but simpler. By using this interface an admin can participate in code reviews, even though it is Git working behind the scenes. The online service makes extensive use of the Lightning Design System (LDS). That makes their off-platform service look like a Lightning app.

Consulting Optional

The company says that new customers are offered onboarding services. And, they are working with other consultant organizations to offer a fuller range of integration services. But, according to company CEO Jack Moxon, most teams are able to proceed on their own after an onboarding experience.

Like many Salesforce devops startup companies and talented consultancies, Blue Canvas has a respectful number of customers. And, like those other companies, Blue Canvas doesn’t seem to have any problem finding new customers. As a Salesforce devops product built more like an online service than a Salesforce app, Blue Canvas is likely to carve out a niche in the months and years ahead.

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