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Prodly Now Offers Salesforce SOX Compliance Center

Prodly Now Offers Salesforce SOX Compliance Center

Prodly, a leading devops platform for low-code Salesforce applications using AppExchange packages, today announced their new Compliance Center tool to automate SOX compliance processes for companies using Salesforce Revenue Cloud.

As Max Rudman, CEO of Prodly explained in an email conversation with, “Revenue Cloud’s data-driven configuration means Salesforce implementations now fall under SOX regulation scope. This created a huge challenge for customers in implementing and proving complex SOX controls.”

Compliance Center aims to transform this process through customized rules to automatically track Salesforce changes, provide 24/7 environment monitoring, and deliver detailed audit reporting on demand.

What is Prodly SOX Compliance Center?

Prodly’s announcement today outlines their new Compliance Center tool and its capabilities in specific detail:

  • Automates SOX compliance monitoring and documentation for Salesforce CPQ
  • Provides 24/7 environment monitoring with customizable rules to track changes
  • Enables immediate generation of detailed audit reports upon auditor request
  • Reduces SOX compliance documentation time by estimated 98%
  • Eliminates human error through compliance data automation
  • Customizable to each organization’s unique compliance requirements
  • Allows rapid response to SOX auditors with one-click audit reporting
  • Comprehensively addresses both SOX control implementation and audit reporting pieces
  • Contrasted to other tools like Strongpoint and Salesforce Shield focused solely on auditing

Driving Efficiency While Reducing Risk

According to Rudman, Compliance Center reduces SOX compliance documentation time by an estimated 98% while eliminating human error. The tool enables 1-click audit report generation, allowing companies to rapidly respond to auditor requests.

“It’s proactive risk mitigation at its best,” Rudman stated. Early customer Toast praised significant time savings and improved audit precision after implementing Compliance Center.

Customized Control Tracking and Seamless Auditing

Unlike audit-focused tools like Strongpoint and Salesforce Shield, Compliance Center consolidates control establishment and auditing, according to Prodly. Its intuitive interface lets users define customized monitoring rules for their unique SOX requirements.

As Rudman explained, “Compliance Center is customized by providing a point-and-click UI to configure rules that specify the objects we track…We’ll add metadata change tracking shortly too.” Metadata change tracking is something most other Salesforce devops platforms do as well.

This flexibility caters to nuances across different companies and regulators like C-SOX, UK SOx, and ASX. It also simplifies the audit process with immediate report generation and consolidation of activities.

Navigating the New Paradigm of SOX in Salesforce

The launch of Compliance Center signals a growing industry recognition of stricter SOX regulations for Salesforce implementations.

“External auditors are starting to realize Revenue Cloud means Salesforce is now in SOX scope. And its data-centric configuration adds complexity in implementing and proving controls,” Rudman noted.

As SOX expectations evolve, Prodly is poised to define best practices for customers through integrated controls automation and seamless audit transparency.

Empowering Ethical Governance Across the Tech Sector

Prodly’s commitment to demystifying SOX compliance reflects a broader dedication to promoting ethical governance in technology companies. Prodly aims to not only fulfill regulatory requirements, but exceed them through a service unlocking efficiency, accuracy, and accountability.

“We want to empower customers to adopt a transparent compliance culture, not view it as a burden,” Rudman commented. “Beyond reducing risk, seamless compliance ultimately fosters trust and responsible industry leadership.”

As emerging regulations bring new standards for governance, Prodly is spurring tech leaders to proactively tackle evolving compliance paradigms head-on with integrity and innovation.