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Salesforce World Tour NYC

Salesforce World Tour NYC Reporter’s Notebook

In a bevy of announcements at Salesforce World Tour New York, the company showed continued commitment to asserting leadership in Enterprise AI.

To kick it off, Salesforce and IDC debuted a new study which projects that Salesforce’s AI-powered solutions will drive over $2 trillion in business revenue and create 11.6 million jobs globally between 2022 and 2028. This formed a key talking point at the event, where Salesforce underscored its accelerating AI and automation capabilities across products. Major announcements focused on:

  • Einstein Copilot Upgrade: New unstructured data analysis capabilities will allow Salesforce’s AI assistant to deliver more accurate responses by interpreting complex queries across broader sources like PDFs, call transcripts, and emails. These elements build trust by citing information sources.
  • Unified Data Cloud: Addition of a vector database enables connecting structured CRM data with unstructured text, images, and material like articles. Unifying these data types fuels improved analytics and automation.
  • Bundled Offerings: Pre-configured Unlimited Editions Plus (UE+) tailor key technologies for sales, service, and industries. Rather than using a pieced-together approach, these consolidated bundles aim to accelerate value.

Einstein Copilot Gets Smarter with More Data

The star of the Salesforce World Tour was Einstein Copilot, its AI assistant. Copilot’s new unstructured data analysis powers will allow interpreting and responding to natural language queries by tapping into text-heavy sources like PDFs, call transcripts, social posts and more in Data Cloud. This means call center reps could get AI-generated suggestions leveraging past customer service case notes.

Key benefits include:

  • Supports the popular Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) AI engineering service
  • Delivers more relevant and accurate insights by analyzing unstructured data like emails and documents rather than just structured CRM records
  • Built-in trust layer cites sources powering AI-generated conclusions
  • Expands Copilot’s knowledge universe for robust context on customer issues

Read more about it here.

Data Cloud to Blend Structured and Unstructured Sources

Salesforce also unveiled an update to its Customer 360 data platform. Data Cloud will now integrate a vector database enabling connecting structured CRM data with traditionally inaccessible unstructured content.

Use cases include:

  • Linking customer service case files with relevant help documentation
  • Discovering equipment issues by finding patterns across machine sensor logs
  • Building campaign emails based on social media sentiment and survey data

This unification aims to fuel improved analytics, smarter automation and embed intelligence across apps.

Bundled Offerings Consolidate Technology Stacks

In its drive toward consolidation and simplification, Salesforce introduced pre-packaged Unlimited Editions Plus (UE+) across functions. Rather than a complex build-it-yourself approach, these bundles aim to accelerate access to Salesforce’s latest innovations by unifying:

  • UE+ for Sales combines Einstein, Data Cloud, Revenue Intelligence, Maps and other sales tools
  • UE+ options also exist for Service Cloud, Financial Services Cloud, Health Cloud, and Manufacturing Cloud
  • Pre-configured bundles remove adoption barriers to AI and automation

And Salesforce leveraged its World Tour platform to launch Trailblazer Career Marketplace, connecting employers in the Salesforce ecosystem with specialized job seekers. As AI growth accelerates, demand for skills like data science, analytics, AI ethics and Salesforce certifications continues to rise. This talent hub aims to showcase expertise and match workers with partners needing cloud talent. Currently, only Salesforce partners may use the marketplace to find job seekers.

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