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Copado and nCino: A New Chapter in Salesforce Devops for Financial Services

Copado and nCino: A New Chapter in Salesforce Devops for Financial Services

Copado, a leader in Salesforce devops, this week announced a technology partnership with nCino, Inc., a pioneer in cloud banking. This partnership is set to provide financial institutions with robust tools for continuous integration, delivery, and automated testing, further emphasizing the critical role of devops in hardening Salesforce for essential applications. “Financial institutions are looking to deploy new technologies and deliver new services faster, and proven DevOps tools and processes are the key to making that happen,” said Christie March, Vice President of Alliances for Copado.

Who is nCino?

nCino is a key player in the financial services industry. They provide a cloud-based banking platform to over 1,850 financial institutions worldwide. The platform digitizes processes, solves business challenges, and enhances customer experiences. For many of nCino’s customers, the platform is a game-changer.. It supports employee efficiency and productivity across onboarding, loans, and deposits,. It also ensures regulatory compliance and enhancing customer experience.

Copado and nCino

This partnership between Copado and nCino builds on nCino’s existing relationships with other Salesforce devops companies such as AutoRABIT, OwnBackup, and ACCELQ. Copado’s SaaS devops platform enables nCino’s customers use Copado’s guidance, testing, security, and compliance features. This allows companies to migrate from a sandbox into production swiftly and confidently.

Copado’s platform is the only nCino DevOps solution that is 100% native on the Salesforce platform. It has achieved FedRAMP, ISO 27001, SOC 2 Type 1, and GDPR compliance.

Sanjeevkumar Bhandarkar, Principal Engineer at Comerica Bank, praised Copado as their preferred tool for DevOps automation on Salesforce and nCino. “The Copado platform has almost all of the features we need; it helps us reduce manual intervention, keep our environments in sync, and shorten time to release,” he said.

Conclusion: DevOps does Regulatory Well

In the world of financial services and other regulated industries, Salesforce devops is not just a nice-to-have; it’s a necessity. Salesforce devops platforms provide the rigor and testing frameworks required for validated computing. This ensures that financial institutions can innovate at speed while maintaining the highest levels of compliance.

This partnership between Copado and nCino is a testament to the power of devops in the financial services industry. By combining their strengths, these two companies are set to help financial institutions accelerate their digital initiatives,. This shoul lead to faster innovation, increased efficiency, improved compliance, and deeper customer trust.

“We are excited to have Copado in our technology ecosystem and to be working together to bring innovative solutions to the financial services industry,” said Petra Sheaffer, Manager – Global Technology Partners at nCino. “Our partnership will enhance the capabilities of financial institutions and streamline their workflows, enabling them to improve operational efficiency and deliver superior customer experiences.”

In the rapidly evolving landscape of financial services, this partnership is a significant step forward. It demonstrates the power of DevOps in driving digital transformation. As financial institutions continue to navigate the challenges of the digital age, partnerships like this one will be crucial in ensuring they can deliver the innovative, high-quality services their customers expect.