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Salesforce Devops 2021 Retrospective Series

Salesforce Devops 2021 Retrospective Series

In 2021 had the good fortune to find an audience for my blog posts on Salesforce devops. My gratitude to the Salesforce community is endless! After a productive first year at, here is a post which categorizes the dozens of posts I have made on the site since March 2021.

Special Analysis: Cybersecurity and Finance

Most of the retrospective articles are a list of articles with quotes. However, these retrospective pieces also include industry analysis that portray some new insights.

Reviews, News, Products, How To, Analysis

Here are the rest of the 2021 Salesforce Devops Retrospective series articles:

Thank You Salesforce Community

There are so many new Salesforce community friends, colleagues, and business associates in 2021 to which I am eternally grateful. As we start 2022, here’s to devops enabling more companies, people, and projects be successful in their Salesforce endeavors!