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Pakistan Dreamin’ 2021 Selects to Present Sept. 17-18

Pakistan Dreamin’, a global online event set for September 17-18, 2021, has selected Vernon Keenan and to present “Build Better Apps with Salesforce Devops.” Click here to register!

I can’t wait for this opportunity to share my recent research and writings with folks in a learning environment.

Pakistan Dreamin’ Live Broadcast

I’ll be broadcasting live from Oakland, California on September 17, 2021 starting at 11:30 PM (GMT-7). I can’t wait to meet all my Asian friends live!

Build Better Apps with Salesforce Devops

Let me know what you think about the draft agenda.

Session Agenda

  • What is devops?
  • Cloud native vs. Salesforce devops
  • Dealing with dynamic metadata
  • Source-based development
  • Salesforce Devops Industry Map
  • Devops essentials
  • Building a devops pipeline
  • How to build a simple DX pipeline
  • Top 5 Salesforce devops solution providers