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Metazoa Announces Free Application Management Lifecycle Tool Named Cascade

Metazoa, a Los Gatos, California-based provider of Salesforce devops tools, yesterday announced a new product called Cascade available for free. More details can be found on the Salesforce AppExchange.

In a prepared statement, the company said “Metazoa Cascade combines powerful DevOps tooling with Sprint and User Story management capabilities designed to enhance collaboration between Salesforce administrators and developers. A native Salesforce application, Cascade is fully integrated with Salesforce Clouds and Salesforce DX.”

Time To Stack Solutions

Remember this diagram? It is my way of segmenting devops in general, and Salesforce devops in particular. Check out this post for more details.

Metazoa Cascade fits into my Application Management Lifecycle (AML) layer. It is a lightweight version of an agile tool, and it should help with managing and invoking orchestration and CI/CD deployment management tools. Cascade is meant to work with Metazoa’s other products, but can be used by itself.

Let The Products Flow

Salesforce devops is a tsunami of activity right now. The vendors are scrambling to meet the demand, buyers are feeling the pressure to make a decision, and investors are on the sidelines ready to fund the next devops founder.

We have seen this before in the Salesforce ecosystem. Think back to the quote-to-cash days. All of this activity means the “Devops Engineering” layer in my diagram will steadily replace human labor with automation. I am among those that believe that being a devops engineer will eventually become obsolete as we push enterprise application development up the stack.

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