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Provar Quality Suite for Salesforce

The only software quality solution engineered specifically for Salesforce

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Full Product Description

The Provar Quality Suite for Salesforce includes solutions for Salesforce Quality Management and Test Automation starting from planning and design, declarative test design using metadata to create the most robust tests for Salesforce, inherent support for Salesforce technology challenges and clouds, integrated API testing through to test execution and results reporting to identify testing and quality trends. Provar’s technology stack can be run standalone or integrated with all leading CI/CD, IaaS, PaaS and Salesforce ISV applications.

Quality Management for Everyone

Provar Test Manager has a familiar UX and easy setup, making it perfect for new testing teams that need to add structure and record-keeping to their manual testing. For QA teams adding test automation and integration with project planning, defect tracking and DevOps tools, Provar Test Manager is the perfect hub for providing organization-wide visibility of Salesforce release quality.

Engineered for Salesforce

Provar Test Automation is the only solution engineered specifically for testing Salesforce. Provar’s design is based on years of Salesforce testing experience – knowing that Salesforce releases would expose the brittle nature of conventional tests, we set out to build a more reliable solution. The result is ultra-resilient tests, an intuitive and automated test building experience, faster time to value and better release quality.

Test Compatibility with Salesforce Releases

Provar maintains test compatibility and supports customers through every major and minor Salesforce release, including support for new applications and features, such as Dynamic Forms, Salesforce CPQ, and Lightning Web Components. 

Salesforce Testing Democratized

Provar allows anyone who knows how to use Salesforce to create tests without any coding knowledge; a true ‘clicks not code’ solution. Many more people can be involved in testing – Provar is perfect for SMEs, BA’s and citizen testers. Error prone activities, like self guided mapping and test step building, largely disappear. Provar removes complication, brittleness, and maintenance from Salesforce test automation.

Provar Does the Maintenance Heavy Lifting

Because Provar maintains the underlying application code that handles the mapping and test step creation, our customers are freed up to create more and better tests, instead of losing time to the typical maintenance effort plaguing users of conventional testing solutions.

Integrating with Provar – Creating a Salesforce Quality Hub

Provar’s technology stack enables integration with tools throughout the Salesforce development and testing ecosystem. Provar includes native integrations (Salesforce DX, Salesforce DevOps Center (beta), Salesforce Test Advisor (pilot) and more), and 3rd party integrations (CI/CD, defect management, test automation, change intelligence and more) – everything delivery teams need to create a Salesforce quality hub.


  • Engineered for Salesforce
  • No-code test automation
  • Full lifecycle testing
  • Central hub for Salesforce quality
  • Support for all stages of the Salesforce quality journey
  • Ultra-resilient tests
  • Salesforce native
  • Cloud native
  • End-to-end – testing Salesforce and non-Salesforce applications
  • UI and API testing
  • Future proofed tests
  • Full devops and Salesforce ecosystem integration
  • University of Provar online courses and certifications
  • 24 x 5 worldwide support (G2 rating 4.3 of 5)
  • Free trials and test drives