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StrongPoint by Netwrix

Faster. Safer. Compliant. Strongpoint helps teams protect business-critical cloud software. 

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Paul Staz
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Full Product Description

Strongpoint provides automated intelligence for business-critical systems. Once installed in your Org, Strongpoint’s scanner indexes every customization in your account to produce a comprehensive, continually updated record of how it’s configured: every object, field, profile, permission set, list view, security setting and more is tracked and monitored on an ongoing basis. From there, Strongpoint’s suite of tools helps system admins and leadership save time and money while managing key business goals.

Change Intelligence

Not all development activity in Salesforce requires review. But in a mature Org, risk factors can be complex — if your team makes a change to a custom object or field without knowing its impact, it may accidentally break a business-critical process, or affect downstream reporting and compliance. 

Strongpoint solves this problem by assessing every change for risk and letting you build policies around it. Simple, safe changes are automatically approved and passed through without review. More complex or risky changes — anything that could affect compliance or break a business process — are elevated for review. Strongpoint even integrates with Jira, Salesforce Cases and other ticketing systems, reconciling approvals to changes in the system and fully unlocking the power of your DevOps team. 

Profile Management

As the Salesforce platform has evolved, how users work in it has evolved, too. The result is that, in many mature Orgs, access is governed by a mix of roles, profiles, permission sets, permission set groups and sharing and visibility rules. Changing a system of this complexity is risky, but carrying on without appropriate visibility into who can see and do what leaves you open to security and compliance violations.  

Strongpoint documents and tracks changes to roles, profiles, user-, object- and field-level permissions, record types, layout assignments and more. Change logs let you see who gave what permission to who, and when. Finally, change policies provide added security by automatically blocking risky assignments, such as Admin access, without an approved request. 

Platform Cybersecurity

All of Strongpoint’s tools and capabilities come together to enhance security across the platform. Change intelligence protects the overall integrity of the system; profile management ensures that users working in it have only the permissions they need; finally, data classification and controls give you an extra layer of audibility and protection over the most sensitive data on the platform. 

With Strongpoint, you can restrict user access to sensitive data and build controls to prevent unauthorized changes to objects/fields that store it. Fully native delivery ensures that everything stays on the platform, while ‘closed loop’ reporting captures everything in an audit-ready log. 

Whether you’re a small business that wants to grow and scale safely, or a large company with complex compliance and cybersecurity requirements, Strongpoint makes it possible to fully integrate Salesforce into your processes — securely and stress-free.