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DevOps, Backup, Archival and Recovery, Security

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Flosum is the only end-to-end secure DevOps, data management and data protection platform, built 100% natively to Salesforce. Our mission is to enable IT leaders to manage the Salesforce cloud with confidence and empower developers to innovate. Enterprises around the world use the company’s platform to accelerate digital transformation by making the release process fast and easy, increase developer productivity and remain secure and compliant. 

Flosum DevOps is the only 100% native app for DevOps built specifically for Salesforce. It allows users to seamlessly orchestrate changes across their development ecosystem, eliminating pain points experienced when using traditional dev tools.

As a complete native end-to-end solution, Flosum handles the full development lifecycle including merging components, version control, continuous deployments, static code analysis, user story management & regression testing.The solution can integrate with most Salesforce Applications such as Git, Jenkins, Provar, etc. Flosum’s Native DevOps technology ensures all data always remains securely within the Salesforce platform making it perfect for healthcare & financial institutions. It is the only DevOps solution approved for use on the government cloud.

Flosum Data Backup and Recovery enables users to select objects or fields for a full or incremental backup and view detailed analytics on each backup. The data seeding functionality allows developers to convert developer sandboxes with full data at the click of a button. 

Users can move a complete data set or subset of data in a matter of minutes, while preserving all parent-child relationships and store  data in your public cloud, private cloud or on-premise systems. This solution allows organizations to adhere to data residency laws and meet all compliance and legal requirements.

Flosum Trust Center is an all-in-one security solution for Salesforce security orchestration, automation, and response that uses an adaptive security framework to monitor and report activity across orgs, view & fix policy violations and permission stats, and provide comprehensive audit management. 

Trust Center allows teams to build security policy templates and apply them to multiple orgs, ensuring hardening rules are executed. Users can view consolidation of all org settings for security enforcement.

The solution alerts for security violations within SFDC, and automates remediation tasks or manually deploys fixes. Security violations are indicated within each stage of DevOps processes to catch potential conflicts before they occur.

The trust center builds detailed audit trails of all changes, allowing users to prioritize designated risk levels and preserve tracked records for any period of time. Data can be masked at rest and in transit to ensure confidential data remains uncompromised.

Organizations can improve the performance of their Salesforce instance by automating and improving their processes using Flosum solutions. For more information visit