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Simplifying Salesforce Modular Development

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DX@Scale Architecture

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Henry Lay [email protected]

Full Product Description

DX@Scale is a collection of practices, open-source tools, frameworks, and practitioners built on our experience delivering large and complex Salesforce programs. Utilising our ‘curated’ practices, you can create a modular Salesforce Org that is reliable and easy to maintain.

The introduction of Salesforce DX in 2018 revolutionised the ways of working with Salesforce. Large and complex programs have often suffered from poor developer experience, unreliable deployments, and costly governance in the past due to a lack of proper tooling/practices. DX@Scale was established to simplify the developer experience, achieve consistent and reliable deployment, and reduce the cost/overhead in Salesforce Programs.

DX@Scale extends the existing Salesforce DX ecosystem by providing:

  1. Simplified Developer Experience
  2. CI/CD Orchestration 
  3. End-to-End Observability 
  4. Body of Knowledge for Modular Development

With the combination Salesforce DX and DX@Scale you can build modular Salesforce Orgs with a streamlined developer experience and reliable CI/CD experiences

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