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DigitSec S4

DigitSec S4’s comprehensive security scans for Salesforce provide the visibility & control needed to keep your data safe

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Steve Churchill
[email protected]

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DigitSec S4 Salesforce Devops Gallery Page 1
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Full Product Description

Customization creates risk in your Salesforce environment. As you customize and develop more, those risks become more numerous, less visible and your ability to control them weakens. The Shared Responsibility Model requires you (not Salesforce) to effectively manage those risks and address the security of your data.

It’s highly likely that you have introduced security vulnerabilities into your Salesforce environment that can have major impacts on your development timelines, compliance requirements and finances.

DigitSec S4 mitigates this risk by surfacing these exploitable vulnerabilities in a quick and automated fashion. When activated, S4 can scan and generate a vulnerability report for a Salesforce Org in under 10 minutes. The results are then categorized by level of severity, and each issue found will come with remediation guidelines.

Additionally, S4’s reporting shows you which vulnerabilities are causing you to be non-compliant against a multitude of regulatory standards, including GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS, ISO 27001 and APPI. We take things one step further by showing the specific requirement within a standard that is being violated.

 S4 has helped clients reduce wasted time, speed up development, stay compliant and greatly reduces the risk of a breach.

 DigitSec “brings much needed security to Salesforce” states eWeek, integrates with some of the most popular DevOps tools and was recognized as a Copa Innovation Award winner at Copado’s Community Day 2022 event.

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